Menu analysis is typically associated with commercial foodservice

Menu analysis is typically associated with commercial foodservice operators who charge individual selling prices for their menu items. In many cases, however, noncommercial (nonprofit) foodservice operators receive a fixed amount of money per guest served regardless of the menu items selected by the guest. Those managers in charge of foodservice in a college residence hall’s cafeteria, a senior living facility, and a military base are just three of many such examples.

Despite the differences in how they charge for the items they serve, however, managers in both commercial and noncommercial operations are concerned about guest acceptance of the menu items they offer. What are some specific ways formal menu analysis (e.g., goal value analysis) can help noncommercial managers address this important issue?

NR526 week 1 discussion

Applying Tanner’s Model of Clinical Judgment as well as current articles on clinical teaching, what evidence-based techniques can you use to foster critical thinking and skill acquisition in students and staff nurses? Please provide at least two techniques that you could use at the bedside.

Developing the Main Elements

  • Read Chapter 5, “Writing Ethically,” Chapter 10, “Developing the Main Elements of

Reports.” Read p.156 on international communication and Index referenced page 432 in text

and 327 in text on international audiences.

Study the summary sections, questions, and cases at the end of chapters.

Assignment 4: Locate a business or technical article in a journal of your choice. Write an

informative review of the article listing the main idea or thesis statement for the entire article,

the audience for which the article was written, the difficulty of the article including the

choice of vocabulary, verb tense, length of sentences, and whether or not you found the

article helpful and why you present this position. List the MLA citation for the article in

accepted MLA format.

Discussion 1 and 2 – It’s budget time in your organization.

Discussion Question 1 and 2

Question description

Discussion Question 1 – 

It’s budget time in your organization. You are examining all manner of data to determine how much of a budget you should request for the coming fiscal year. You have examined your current level of spending, the objectives set out in your department for the coming fiscal year, the external environment, productivity rates, and so on. In doing so, you have determined that in order to achieve your objectives you will need a budget of $3.1 million. At the same time, the finance staff has conducted a budget analysis. They believe you will need a budget of $3.3 million. Today, you must submit your budget request. Do you submit a request for $3.1 million, the amount you actually and thoughtfully have determined is what you really need? Or, do you submit a budget request for $3.3 million knowing that that will give you extra resources and make your life a whole lot easier during the budget year? Keep in mind, if you submit a request for $3.3 million, finance will likely approve it because they developed the number and agree with it. And if you submit a request for $3.1 million, finance will likely approve that as well because it “saved” them money. What do you do? How will you decide which number to request?

Discussion Question 2 – 

You and a business partner are forming a durable medical device startup company. Your partner is extremely passionate about the endeavor and wants to move quickly. She believes a budget for volume, revenue, expenses and cash is unnecessary, and that there is insufficient information for one to begin with. She feels puting in the time to prepare a budget will delay things considerably. Knowing what you do about budgeting what would you tell your partner? Would you agree to proceed without a budget? Try to convince her that such a plan really is necessary? And if so, what arguments might you offer to convince her?

South MBA5001 week 1 Course Project

Course Project: Organizational Behavior Perspectives

The course project has major assignments that will be due in
Weeks 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete
them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments
earlier than the week in which they are due.

Course Project Scenario

Your course project is to identify potential organizational
behavior problems and recommend solutions for an organization with which you
are familiar. All your weekly, written papers will be course project tasks.

Early in Week 1, identify an organization you would be
interested in studying. You will investigate the organizational behavior in
this organization and research best practice solutions for any problems you
observe. You may select your own organization, the organization of a family
member, or an organization that interests you. Be sure to review each week’s
assignments before selecting the organization to make sure you can locate
necessary information. Contact your instructor early in the week if you need
advice on your organizational selection. As much as possible, you should
utilize actual research and real data for your project. Occasionally, you may
fill in some details with hypothetical information. However, you are expected
to provide documentation (e.g., citations) throughout your work.

Each week, you will write on the topics identified in that
week’s reading, so note any information you find related to any of the
following topics:

Systems theory

Individual behavior





Groups and teams

Making decisions

Organizational culture


Week 1

Assume that the human resources department of your selected
organization has received disappointing results on a job motivation survey
administered to all employees at all levels. The results indicate that
employees reported lower-than-industry-average job motivation, and management
is concerned. Employee comments on the survey included the following:

My job is so boring!

My boss micromanages me but never tells me how I’m doing.

I’ve been in my position for fifteen years, but I am never
allowed to provide any input about making the work better.

You have been tasked with writing a paper that reviews the
theoretical perspectives relevant to the situation in your organization. In
particular, you are interested in systems theory and job motivation for this
week’s analysis.


Write a paper addressing the following:

Summary: Identify the organization you select and provide a
summary of it. What is it? What does it do? Cite research from a variety of
sources, including the company’s website, social media sites, company blogs,
industry and trade sources, and other sources. The summary should include the
organization’s products or services, customer or client base, areas of
operation or distribution, history, main competition, and current situation
(whether it is an industry leader, a start-up, or a well-established corporation).

Analysis: Analyze the factors that affect job motivation and
the internal and external consequences of low job motivation. At this time, you
do not need to propose any solutions. Rather, you are using scholarly
literature and data (e.g., observations, discussions, events, outcomes,
reports, etc.) from your organization to analyze factors and consequences
related to job motivation.

Provide a clear explanation of the policy/issue. Who are the key and relevant stakeholders

For the Final Paper in this course, you are asked to select a current health policy. This policy can be local, state, or federal. You will submit the topic at the end of Module 2 for instructor approval.

You will need to develop the following topics in your final paper:

? Provide a clear explanation of the policy/issue. Who are the key and relevant stakeholders? 

? What are some of the socio-political and/or socio-economic forces that may have shaped this policy? 

? What are the implications of this policy from the varied viewpoints? 

? To what degree does this policy address fairness and efficiency within the healthcare system? Address the possible changes and amendments that would help to resolve these issues. 

? Anticipate and address counterarguments and challenges to the changes and amendments your propose

In your paper, you will take a position on the issue and defend it with support from what you have learned in the class, obtained from reliable sources in the library, and collected the web.

Your paper should be no more than 12-15 pages, double-spaced in length. Be sure to include your name and class number and class title on the first page of your paper. Consult with our Excelsior Library librarians for assistance if you need help in searching the topic. The final paper should be formatted APA style and have all supporting